My name is Seth

Hi my name is Seth and I am currently learning Japanese with plans to learn Mandarin and Cantonese later on down the road. The purpose of this site is to let readers see how I am doing on my language acquisition and to help others reach their language goals. My method of learning is based off of the antimoon method  of language learning popularized by Khatzumoto of I will give a breakdown of the method and how I am going about it and I will present different strategies to use for the method. I am still very much a beginner but I hope I will be able to help people acquire or “get used to” a language as Khatzumoto says as I get used to Japanese myself. So follow me on my language journey!

2 thoughts on “My name is Seth

  1. Good luck on your language learning journey! You’ve set yourself a huge goal, Asian languages are tough. But with enough time and determination you can do it. When the going gets rough and you feel overwhelmed just remember that language learning is cumulative and every little bit adds up.

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    • Thanks for the comment! I think interests overrides any difficulty presented. People like to tell me learning a language is difficult so why should I bother and others like to ask why I am learning Japanese and not something “easier” but my response to that is difficulty isn’t so important to make me not want to do something so long as I have enough interest in that something no matter what it may be. From learning a language to lifting weights difficulty is but benign. The excuse of it’s difficult is nothing but a dream crusher and is a really negative way to look at things. If I took that approach to everything or anything I wouldn’t get hardly anything done at all. I wouldn’t go to the gym, I wouldn’t learn a language or anything considered “hard” to do. Even though a lot of the things I do present difficulties they often are very rewarding and fun most of the time. To me difficulty doesn’t have to exclude fun. Actually I think it’s only worth it if it’s fun. For example I love lifting weights for fun even though it is hard. I also love hiking even though it’s hard. I personally love challenges but maybe that’s just me and I’m a weirdo. But in the same token I would say I’m quite lazy about a lot of things. And those are things that I find to be boring and not things that “hard” to do. So really the hard things to do are the boring difficult ones or even the boring easy things because to me boring is hard and interesting is fun even if it is emotionally or physically daunting. An example of something that is physically easy to do but I am always lazy about and hate doing is cleaning dishes even though there is nothing physically difficult in the task but because of my disinterest it becomes a hard thing. Now there are some people who love to clean and actually enjoy doing the dishes. So in my opinion I think if something is interesting and fun difficulty means next to nothing and I would argue for some people it might be a bonus as an obstacle to be hurdled over and even enjoyed.


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